Residency by Investment

Explore countries offering citizenship, residency & passports through investment opportunities.


Residency By Investment means of obtain residency visa by investing in selected country’s economy and entitled to live, work and having access to healthcare, better education system and international business opportunities.

By obtaining a residency visa from stable country can offers you with:

• International mobility
• Security
• Better healthcare system
• Advance education program
• New business opportunity
• Tax optimization benefit

Click below to read more about our government approved citizenship by investment programs for below countries:

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Our team have the knowledge and understanding of how to identify and leverage strategic opportunities for businesses to match their objectives, whether that be maximizing potential growth, considering their future operating model or looking to rationalize their business.

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We provide a range of services that are essential to protect and grow client’ wealth. However, as we often act as close advisors to our clients, we intentionally refrain from offering investment advice or asset management.


CICIC have built the way that form the solid foundation of values that empowers us to continuously grow and develop. Every act of our global performance reflects a shared belief in openness, transparency and confidentiality.

Operational Performance Improvement

A company may be growing its customer base, managing its costs, collecting critical data from which to draw important insights, and creating a culture of high productivity.

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Organizations must successfully navigate many transformational events, including M&A activities, shifts in strategy, restructurings and evolving ways of working.

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Our advice is grounded in creating long-term sustainable plans, maximizing returns on invested capital, and finding the right alignment of revenue growth plans and operational capabilities that, together, deliver profitable growth.

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