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Italy Residency by Investment Program

Italy residency program

Italy is a founding member of the EU and NATO, and it has the fourth-largest economy in Europe. As a globally recognized tourist destination with major cities including Milan, Rome, and Venice, Italy attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In addition to its popular urban attractions, historic sites, visitors are attracted to the country’s fine food and wine and thriving arts scene.

To qualify for residence status in Italy, applicants can choose to invest in either of the following program options:

Investor Visa Program

Satisfy one of the following three requirements:

A minimum of EUR 2 million in Italian government bonds

A minimum of EUR 500,000 in Italian corporate bonds or shares (reduced to EUR 250,000 if investing in innovative start-ups). Listed or publicly traded shares are also an eligible investment and can be deposited abroad.

A minimum of EUR 1 million in projects of public interest in Italy, such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management, research and development, arts, and heritage. This is a nonrefundable donation.

The investment needs to be maintained during the validity of the visa. A spouse, children, and dependent parents of the main applicant may also request a visa without additional investment.

Advantage of Italian residence

  • Visa-free travel to Europe’s Schengen Area
  • Residence in a country with a rich culture, attractive industries, and major global cities
  • No permanent stay in Italy required
  • Access to excellent medical care and education facilities

Pathway to Citizenship after 10 years of residence (under special conditions)

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