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Maldives Residency by Investment Program

The Maldives is an archipelagic state in southern Asia, situated in the Indian Ocean. Malé , Connected Hulhumale, Villimale is the capital islands of Maldives, and Dhivehi is the official language spoken , English is the major second language in the state. Maldives is a beautiful country famous for its vibrant culture, outstanding beaches, and fascinating landmarks.
Because of the ease of access to every facility, most expats consider the Maldives to be an appealing place to settle. The state offers accessible educational facilities for every student until the 12th grade. Healthcare facilities and the safe environment of the state make it among the best options to migrate.

Maldives is ranked among the wealthiest and most developed countries. The state’s economy highly depends on tourism, fishing, and shipping. The beaches, resorts, and beautiful landscapes attract thousands of tourists every year, making tourism a great source of income for locals or expats considering migrating to the Maldives.

Citizenship And Residency By Investment
Citizenship and Residency by investment are suitable for eligible investors who wish to remain in Maldives for a longer period.

How to get Maldives citizenship by investment?

Who’s eligible to apply?
1. Shareholder or Director or Partner or Senior Management personnel of an existing Foreign Investment registered under Law no. 25/79 (Maldives Foreign Investment Act) that meets the requirements stipulated in Section 5 (a) – (h) of the Regulation no. 2021/R-115 (Regulation on Corporate Resident Visa), who is not employed in the Maldives or a family member of the eligible person referred here.
2. Applicant shall ensure that they have invested USD 1,000,000 within the past 3 financial years (should be verifiable from the audited financial statements) and has retained 50% local full-time employees.

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