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Skyros Enterprises is a leader in real estate consultancy backed with qualified experts with over 40 years of cumulative experience, Skyros provides professional property expertise cutting through various regions, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, we assist with analytical and research-based advice to make informed real estate decisions, reduce risk and improve overall success. We offer a full range of property consultancy services in accordance with international valuation standards across different industries.

In the last 40 years, we have accomplished the valuation of $2.5 billion USD worth of real estate, have over 800 buildings including the residential and commercial projects in Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA, and many other jurisdictions.

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We provide clients with real estate investment solutions through a dynamic real estate investment process across diversified investment opportunity that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.
Completely synergize resource via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas. Dynamically innovate resource-levelling customer service for state-of-the-art customer service.
Skyros Enterprises monitors and advises on all aspects of clients’ international real estate investments comprising a number of properties including core, value-add, and opportunistic investments across primary and secondary markets in the UAE, Canada, Europe, US and Asia. 

Objectively innovate empowered Partnerships create scale, spread costs of doing real estate investment, increase negotiation power and access to differentiated investment opportunities. Our business model ensures transparency and creates lasting relationships, mutual trust and shared success. 

We have fostered and continue to build a large network of reliable business partners, enabling us to be a truly global real estate investment advisory firm.

Proactively envisioned of completing a breadth of foreigner direct investments in various sectors and markets, we decided to cement this activity as one of strategic pillars to become one of the region’s preferred direct foreign direct investment partners to focus on long-term value, with an emphasis on international residential, commercial also industrial real estate and mid-sized businesses in many jurisdictions and aligning our interests with private clients and strategic partners.

Holistically pontificate Skyros Enterprises real estate investment services comprises of 6 departments:

1. Commercial real estate,
2. Residential real estate,
3. Industrial real estate,
4. Retails real estate,
5. Education real estate,
6. Hospitality real estate,


We know that wealth owners and their service providers have many jobs to be done. But we believe all operations should start with clear values and purpose. We know that the family office sector is fragmented. We build consensus and capacity amongst our team of experts.


Operational change management inside of workflow.


Dynamically innovate customer service for state of the art customer.


Pursue scalable customer service through sustainable potentialities.

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Appropriately empower dynamic leadership skills after business portals.

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Skyros Enterprises Real Estate investment opportunity is offering exclusive properties in countries that host residence and citizenship by investment programs. We provide an unrivalled end-to-end service from advising you on selected citizenship and residence and by investment program.
By ensuring that you secure the very best property that meets your individual needs, our goal is to source exceptional real estate in the world’s most sought-after locations — enabling you to become a citizen or resident of a country of your choice.

Skyros Enterprises runs a yearly International Investor Survey, which was created to serve the needs of institutional real estate investors worldwide navigating the challenges of real estate investment.


Skyros Enterprises supports and participates in the following programmes to enrich the real estate sector and increase real estate development opportunities for investors and property developers.

Please contact us for more real estate investment opportunity, for the following countries.

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